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Transatlantic duo Sons of the Sun make their BBE debut with warm and soulful hip hop single Underwater Dreaming, taken from their forthcoming self-titled album.


A tender, sensual celebration of connection and desire, 'Underwater Dreaming' evokes the sounds of contemporary R&B, fused with Southeast London's signature jazz vibes. Their unique aesthetic stands out, the entire album is recorded with honest, organic musicianship, an homage to the much loved old skool sample sound, reflected back through multi-instrumentation.

Sons of the Sun is a collaboration between American singer-songwriter JTronius and British producer Maverick Quest, featuring an inspired selection of luminary guests and musicians. Delivered remotely following a chance meeting on music-tech networking app 'Brapp*, the ingenious pair sent files back and forth between Texas and London to create their shared vision for the project.

Remarkably, the duo have yet to meet in person.

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A transatlantic duo of contemporary R&B and jazz

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